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Thankful for What? (The Father)

Today, we honor our Veterans and give thanks for our Heavenly Father. (November 11, 2018).

Thankful for what?  (Creation)

In November, Pastor Kent explores what we have to to be thankful.  First, we must give thanks for Creation itself. (November 4, 2018)

Fall into Salvation (Romans 5:12-19)

Current events remind us that humanity is lost without a Savior. In this Autumn message, Pastor Kent reminds us of who Apostle Paul says that Savior is.

Fall into Faith (Matthew 17:14-20)

In this message, Pastor Kent explores how faith is more about your actions rather than your beliefs.

Built for What? (Part 1)

We are wonderfully and fearfully made the Psalmist proclaims. What are are we made or built for? In this series of messages, Dr. Cranford reveals the Apostle Paul's teachings on this matter. In this opening sermon, we explore why we are built for eternity.

Built for What? (Part 3)

We were created to worship. In this message, Pastor Kent presents the Apostle Paul's teachings in Ephesians 5 how we can fulfill this calling on our lives.

Built for What? (Part 4)

Christian should not fear because we are built for Power! Pastor Kent walks us through the Apostle Paul's description of the Power that we have access to as Christians found in chapter 6 of Ephesians.

When the Heat is On! (Part 1)

This is the first sermon on a series entitled "When the heat is on" presented by Dr. Kent Cranford at Loray Baptist Church on July 15, 2018. The series looks at how major biblical figures overcame difficult situations and fulfilled the purposes of God.

When the heat is on! (Part 2)

What do you do when the world seems to turn against you? When the heat is on, who do you look at for an example? This sermon series offers biblical examples of overcoming. This sermon identifies the qualities that Daniel had in overcoming the lion's den.

When the Heat is On! (Part 3)

In the third sermon in the series entitled, When the Heat is on, Dr. Cranford reveals the qualities of Joseph, that enabled him to care for the Son of God. It's Christmas in July at Loray!

When the Heat is On! (Part 4)

Jesus is our model! Out goal is to be like him. How did he resist temptation? Pastor Kent outlines how we can overcome temptation by following Christ's example.

When the Heat is On! (Part 6)

Imagine being Thomas, one of Jesus' hand-selected disciples. Your rabbi has just been executed by the Romans. You and all of the other disciples are in shock and now fear for your lives. You leave them for awhile and when you return they tell you that Jesus is alive. Wishful thinking, you tell them. Unless you see him yourself and touch the wounds, you will not believe. The heat is about to be on!

When the Heat is On! (Part 7)

When the heat was on Simon, what did he do to become Peter (the Rock)? Dr. Cranford offers scriptural ways we can overcome disappointment.

When the Heat is On! (Part 8)

When the Heat is On during times of our lives we need to be reminded how God's people responded in faith and grace. In this message, Pastor Kent examines a time in the Apostle Paul's life when he needed to overcome conflict.